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Sun, May, 26, 2024

Seaside Oregon Beach

A West Coast Best Kept Secret; Seaside, Oregon

Often times when planning for a vacation, large coastal cities come to mind. Large cities lack a special “feel” or personality that a smaller community can offer a tourist. When planning your oceanside holiday, consider traveling to one of the west coast’s best kept secrets; Seaside, Oregon.

Seaside is a city located in Clastop County, Oregon that earned its name from Seaside House, a historic resort built in 1870 by Ben Holladay. Ben Holladay was a railroad tycoon who was responsible for building most of the railways on the west coast. Holladay was known for his lavish lifestyle and built many resort-style residences at places he frequently traveled to such as but not limited to Washington D.C., Purchase, New York, and Seaside, Oregon. The Seaside House was once an Italian-style luxury villa and is now home to the Seaside Golf Course. Although, always lovely, since the town’s conception, Seaside has developed into an active beach town; full of welcoming locals, great places to stay, eat, and play.

Today, Seaside is one of the most visited coastal communities along with western seaboard. Comprised of approximately 6,500 residents, Seaside is 4.4 square miles of land and gorgeous water. Just 79 miles from Portland, Oregon, this community is a lovely place to visit and experience a historic town built by those on the Louis and Clark expedition in the 1800s. Check out the Lewis and Clark Salt Works to learn about the discovery of salt water! Visitors can indulge in the outstanding Seaside Aquarium, hike the Tillamook Head Trail or up to Mt. Hood, kayak, golf, and surf! The annual Jazz Festival is a highly coveted event that features great musicians from Trad Jazz or Swing genres. Love Art? Seaside hosts an Art Walk every first Saturday of the month. In late March, the 6th Annual Oregon Ghost Conference will take place. This conference is the largest paranormal conference in the Northwest and attracts visitors from all over the country. Not sure about the ghost conference? Check out the Craft Beer Festival that will take place in mid-March. With beers from more than 30 breweries, you can sample unique beer and enjoy the People’s Choice Competition. Seaside has something for everyone to enjoy and experience.

A typical favorite when visiting any seaside town, is taking a walk along the boardwalk, promenade, or “prom” as it is lovingly known as in Seaside. The prom is 1.5 miles long and is the perfect place to walk, stroll, jog, ride your bike, or sit and watch the water. The prom has been loved by visitors and community members since its birth in the early 1920s. The turnaround, utilized by automobiles, is also a place where you can enter the beach and set up your chairs for the day. Along the prom, one can enjoy picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean, beach-grass covered dunes, oceanfront homes and resorts, and even the tip top of Tillamook Head trail. Stop by the Seaside Aquarium and say hello to the seals and give them a bite to eat. You will be charmed by their ability to get you to part with a piece of fresh fish! Children and adults alike are often entertained by the aquarium and is a tourist favorite.

If you are feeling adventurous, gather up your hiking gear and explore the Tillamook Head trail or trek up to Mt. Hood. All of your senses are sure to be satisfied with the clean, crisp scent of fresh air, indulge in seeing beautiful wildlife, touch the rainforest tree tops at the top of Tillamook Head trail, taste the cool crisp water in streams, and listen to birds as they sing and communicate with one another.

After a day of exploring, you can stop in one of the many great restaurants for a snack or delicious meal. Seaside is known for their local fare including but not limited to clam chowder, smoked salmon, or dessert made with fresh locally grown berries. Seaside is proud of their fresh seafood offerings and chefs work hard to prepare award winning meals daily. Whether you are searching for a casual spot or a fancy restaurant, Seaside has the perfect eatery for you.

When planning your next family vacation or relaxing getaway, add Seaside, Oregon to your list of places to visit. Seaside is a community that has activities, food, and opportunities for every lifestyle.

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This video was taken last August 2, 20116 at Seaside Oregon Beach.