The Seaside Oregon Things to Do

Seaside is a small coastal city located on the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Clatsop County, Oregon. The city derived its name from an old summer house built in 1870’s by Ben Holladay, a renowned railroad mogul. On the other hand, the county name of Clatsop originated from Native American tribesmen who lived here. The city has a total area of about 4.2 sq miles, of which 0.20 sq mile is submerged in water. The Pacific Northwest coastal climate dominates the region, which means lots of rainy winters and mild to cool summers. The transportation network in Seaside relies heavily on two major highways, US Route 26 and US Route 101.

The city is also served by the Seaside Municipal Airport and intercity bus system. Plans are underway by the city authorities to develop a Transportation System Plan to back the existing transportation infrastructure. Seaside is unvaryingly known as the see-and-do capital of Oregon’s vast coastline. This means lots of trappings and play along the beach front whilst enjoying wonderful scenery that stretches many miles. The locale caters for all holiday makers from those looking for all-inclusive vacation packages and romantic getaways to a simple stroll by the plain beach. Seaside also offers a great shopping experience, surfing, golf, calendar of events and savory regional cuisine.


Things to do in Seaside, Oregon
1. Arcadia Beach State Recreation Area
The area is strategically perched along the coastal line south of Cannon Beach. It provides breathtaking views of the ocean and the surrounding landscape. Since the area is less populated, miles of beaches are clearly visible for all to see. Some of the public amenities provided include a picnic area and restrooms.

2. Camp-18 Museum
Seaside’s rich legacy and history as a logging town is all evident in the magnificent camp museum. The sightings include vintage logging tools such as steam powered bandsaw and logging rail car. The other attractions include a photo exhibition of various logging activities, past and present along with efforts to preserve the industry.

3. Seaside Promenade
A visit to Seaside is never complete without stepping foot at the city’s iconic promenade. The Seaside Prom as it is famously called features a boardwalk that stretches 1.5 miles off the magnificent Pacific Ocean. The structure was originally built in 1920’s using word, but it has since been upgraded and paved with concrete. This has made it an ideal spot for joggers and cyclist.

4. Seaside Museum and Historical Society
The building where the museum sits is a beautiful cottage house by the beachside. Visitor attractions here include a beautiful outdoor garden and photographs of ancient artifacts, Native American history of logging and hotels that have stood in different ages. Seaside Promenade is located on 570 Necanicum Drive.

5. Ecola State Park
This sandy coastal beach park also known as the Indian Beach is located in the serene beach area close to the popular Cannon Beach. It provides a perfect setting for hiking and escape for the adventurous backpacker. The beach also has generous space for cooling off. The other attractions include; breathtaking views of the nearby rocky cliffs, and far reaches of the ocean.

6. Lewis and Clark National Wildlife Refuge
This vast 30,000 acre wildlife refuge features numerous attractions including a 20 island stretch that is only accessible by boat along with a habitat consisting of tidal sands and forested swamps. The animal attractions include reptiles, mammals and birds such as waterfowl and gulls. The large swath of land in the refuge makes it highly ideal for wildlife observation, boating and hiking.

7. Seaside Aquarium
The treasured Seaside aquarium is one of the oldest in the Pacific west coast. It opened its door to the public in 1924. Some of the attractions in the underwater tank include Giant Pacific Octopus and sunflower star among others. There is also a happy family of seals who enjoys the company of big crowds.