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Sat, July, 13, 2024



The historic Seaside Promenade is an identifying feature of Seaside Oregon. Often referred to as “The Prom,” the promenade stretches 1.5 miles long starting at 12th Avenue on the North end of town, to Avenue U on the South end of town. The 15ft wide paved walkway sits along the shore of the Pacific Ocean and offers some of the best sunset viewing, and people watching spots in town.
The Prom, built in 1920, is lined by vacation rental, hotels, shops, beach houses, and more on the east side. On the West side is all beach and ocean for as far as the eye can see. In the center is another Seaside landmark, the Turnaround. The Turnaround is meant to redirect traffic back downtown on Broadway Street when the road comes to an end at the shore of the Pacific Ocean. In the center of the Turnaround is the historic statue of Lewis and Clark. The statue is meant to signify the point at which Lewis and Clarks West-bound expedition had finally reached their final destination and they prepared for their trip back home.
While the Prom is a popular spot to walk and bike all year round, there is something special about strolling along it in the summertime. Full of families, friends, and laughter, the Prom depicts the epitome of a family vacation and tourist-filled beach town. You can often find people playing instruments on the street corners, seagulls being fed, flying kites all around, and so much more. The Prom, and all that runs along it, is a must see when visiting the Oregon Coast.
As we mentioned before, you can access tons of restaurants, shops, and hotels near the Prom. With Seaside being a mere 4.139 sq miles you can access most side streets from the Promenade as well. Most popularly, the Prom is accessed from the Turnaround because of the close proximity to downtown and the popular attractions that surround it. One of our personal favorite stops to make when walking the Prom is the famous Seaside Aquarium. Opened in 1937, the Seaside Aquarium is one of the oldest on the West Coast! Stop by and feed the seals, watch them play, or give one of the “touch tanks” a try. Check out their extensive gift shop for some cute Aquarium or Seaside memorabilia to take home with you. Fun fact – the Seaside Aquarium holds the record for housing the oldest harbor seal in the world! The average lifespan of a harbor seal is 15 years, and Clara, once a Seaside favorite, lived to be 35 years old until her passing in 1979. Learn more about the Seaside Aquarium here.
Prior to the Prom being built, a wooden walkway once lined the Seaside Beach. In the picture below you can see what was once the Pacific Pier stretching out into the water from the old wooden walkway. Maintained for only 10 years from 1904-1914, the Pacific Pier could be accessed from in front of the old Moore Hotel located just north of the Turnaround. Because of the Oregon weather and serious storms the Seaside area experiences every fall and winter, the Pacific Pier took some pretty harsh poundings during its short life. After a particularly rough storm, the Pier was so damaged that the city decided to remove the pier and forego any future repairs that would need to be made. While it would be amazing to have a pier in modern-day Seaside, there has never been any plans made to rebuild the beachside landmark.
Photo Courtesy of: The City of Seaside

Wanna stroll the Prom like a pro? Here are our suggestions for making a simple pastime a memory that will last a lifetime.

Stop at One of The Amazing Restaurants Near The Seaside Prom.

One of our personal favorites is the Osprey Cafe or U-Street Pub located just one block off the Prom on beach drive. Both places offer casual, affordable, and delicious dining and drinks. On your way there, or back to the beach, check out one of the many paved walkways that lead you into the sand dunes and take a seat at one of the benches and people watch, or enjoy the beach view.

Rent a Bike and Ride Through Seaside.

While the popular Surry bikes are not allowed on the Prom, you can rent a bike from Wheel Fun Rentals in Seaside. Choose from one of their many rentals and grab a one seater bike, a tandem bike (2 seats) and throw in a kids trailer for the little ones if you’re on a family vacation. Have a large group? Rent a Surry and take it on one of the side streets – there are benches and trails leading to the beach all along the Prom that you can access from the road. Remember to follow all rental regulations and don’t leave your Surry or bikes unattended.

Soak in Some Seaside History.

Stop by the Lewis and Clark statue located at the turnaround and grab a picture, or stop by the Salt Cairn (located on Ave. G off the Prom) and learn about the Salt Works. Some quick history before you go – Lewis and Clark had run out of salt to season their food and cure their meat by the time they reached what is now Seaside Oregon. Once they settled in they went about making salt to sustain them through their stay at the Seaside beach and for their long trip back home. Stop by this cool spot to learn how they did it!

Stop and Smell The Roses.

While there are some rose bushes in various spots along the Prom, we don’t mean this term literally. Take some time to check out the views during sunrise, or sunset. We might be biased, but we believe that we experience some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world here at the Oregon Coast. Check your weather app, or go online to see what time the sun will rise/set, grab your friends and family, and claim your spot. This is something you will NOT want to miss. Only here for the day? The views from the Prom are beautiful no matter what. Check out our Instagram to see some of the beauty and find inspiration for your own cool shots!