Walk The Seaside Prom


The historic Seaside Promenade is an identifying feature of Seaside, OR. Often reffered to as “The Prom,” the promenade stretches 1.5 miles long starting at 12th Avenue on the North end of town, to Avenue U on the South end of town. The 15ft wide paved walkway sits along the shore of the Pacific Ocean and offers some of the best sunset viewing spots in town.

The Prom, built in 1920, is lined by hotels, shops, beach houses, and more on the east side. On the West side is all beach and ocean for as far as the eye can see. In the center is another Seaside landmark, the Turnaround. The Turnaround is meant to redirect traffic back downtown when the road comes to an end at the Pacific Ocean. In the center of the turnaround is a statue of the historic Lewis and Clark. The statue is meant to signify the point at which Lewis and Clarks West-bound expedition had finally reached their final destination and they prepared for their trip back home.

While the Prom is a popular walking spot all year round, there is something special about it in the summertime. Full of families, friends, and laughter, the Prom depicts the epitome of a tourist-filled beach town. You can often find people playing instruments at major street corners, seagulls being fed, flying kites all around, and so much more. The Prom, and all that runs along it, is a must see when visiting the Oregon Coast.