Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament

Thursday, August 8th, 2019 kicks off the 38th annual Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament in Seaside, Oregon. The event is now the world’s largest amateur beach volleyball tournament with over 1,640 teams playing in 2018. Last year, the Seaside beach held 163 courts and over 4,300 scheduled matches on the shore of the mighty Pacific Ocean. Sponsored by the likes of Michelob Ultra, Clatsop Distributing, Wilson and more it is sure to be another great year. Seaside Beach Volleyball also recently announced their newest partnership with AVP Pro, and AVP Next, both of which are divisions of AVP Pro Beach Volleyball – the longest standing and most well known American beach volleyball organization. AVP is famous for facilitating national tournaments, developing new talent, invigorating communities through sport, and promoting a beach volleyball lifestyle across the United States. You can learn more about AVP and their mission here.


Founded in 1981, the Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament was originally started by a local lifeguard that wanted to raise money for a new lifeguard stand. The tournament has now grown so large it surpassed the Mizuno Beach Volleyball Marathon, held in Italy, which was previously thought to be the worlds largest beach volleyball tournament. With the amount of growth happening each year, tournament organizers had to switch all bracket boards to a mobile app in 2017 to allow for easier access as they traditionally used whiteboards to notify players. Participants can now see when they play, which court they play on, etc. allowing them to step away from the beach when their schedule allows to explore Seaside, grab a bite to eat, or rest. As always, the main court, usually packed with fans on the sidelines, will be situated in front of the Seaside Turnaround. The final men and women teams standing will battle it out for cash prizes, and the coveted title of Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament champions.    


Tournament officials say the tournament has grown considerably over the years and will continue to do so – as long as there is no shortage of players or nets. The Seaside Beach Volleyball tournament brings thousands of competitors from all over the world to the small beach town of Seaside, Oregon located in the Pacific Northwest corner of the United States. With just over 6,000 residents and a total size of 4.1 sq. miles, Seaside is filled to the brim with visitors from all across the world over the four-day tournament. Seaside Beach Volleyball tournament divisions range from Pro/Semi-Pro all the way down to entry-level/intermediate players. Registration for the Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament opens on April 10, 2019. You can secure an early registration discount by registering your team by July 14, at 8 pm PST. Registration information is as follows:


  • All Doubles and Youth quads registration closes Tuesday, July 28st Midnight, pst.
  • Adult quads and sixes registration closes Saturday, August 10th at noon, pst.
  • Division changes accepted through July 28th.
  • Sorry, NO refunds for any reason after July 14th.

Find more info on Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament registration and information here.